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Al Jazeera America
Aug 30, 2013 11:00pm EDT
syria. >> translator: >> this is part of america's plan to divide the middle east it started with iraq and now syria and this is an israel's interest. tra*p>> translator: it happenedn iraq and maybe in syria and maybe egypt. >> reporter: the syrian government promised to defend themself against attack. the fire in syria won't stop at its borders. al jazeera, beirut. >> the tinspection team in syria could take two weeks to release its report but the u.s. will wait on findings -- will it wait on findings before launching any attack. james is at the u.n. the ambassadors of the five members of the security council on their way to a meeting. this wasn't a formal session along the horseshoe table the final court of international security. the place where historically so many decision about global war and peace have been taken. instead, the last of the arrive at a meeting of the u.s. secretary general with the ambassador of the country will take security council. the weapons inspectors have made good progress taking samples of witness statements inside syria at the sight of the chemical attac
Aug 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
>>> good morning, america. and at this hour, momentum building for an american strike on the syrian armed forces. responsible for the chemical attack. the crucial phone call intercepted between those responsible, as the u.n. asked for more time to get weapon inspectors out. >>> i have a dream. >> 50 years after the march on washington. and one of the most famous speeches ever made, the president returns to the lincoln memorial today, with a renewed call on race equality in america right now. >> free at last. >>> breaking overnight. michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones separate after almost 13 years. insiders reveal the a-listers are taking a break. what's driven one of hollywood's high-wattage couples apart? >>> and meet the new american teen phenom shooting to stardom overnight. her father once trapped under the rubble of a massive earthquake, cheering her on. this morning, victoria duval's cinderella story. >>> and good morning, america. so many developments happening right now. this just in, the first confirmation from the u.n. team in syria. that civilians were attacked by a
Al Jazeera America
Aug 20, 2013 6:00pm EDT
.s. aid, and an alliance that is one of america east most important in the middle east. and authorities have arrested mohammed badie. separately judicial officials say a court will review a petition to release, hosni mubarak. mubarak is waiting to be retried on charges of being behind the killi killings that take place. >>> and demonstrators waved flags and posters of ousted president, morsi. egypt's cabinet says more than 850 civilians have been killed in the last week. the muslim brotherhood puts the toll much higher. let's begin in washington with mike viqueira. mike what is the latest on the meeting with the president and his national security team? >> well that meeting broke up just a short time ago, tony. we don't yet have a readout. we know egypt was certainly tops on the agenda. what to do about u.s. aid that is still blowing after the chaos, killing and carnage. under mounting pressure to halt payments to egypt, today a flat denial from the white house that aid has already been cut off. >> this is not just a faucet in which you turn the spigot. whether tranches of aid have gone
Comedy Central
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
stewart who, due to a comical mixup, is currently hosting "the doily show" america's greatest satirical lace centerpiece program. (laughter) he is eviscerating that lace work and that's a direct copy quote. our guest tonight is senator rand paul, he's going to be with us. (cheers and applause) he's also where we begin tonight. what has senator paul been up to? >> senator rand paul of kentucky heads to iowa. >> he has planned to visit south carolina and nevada. >> tomorrow he headlines a g.o.p. dinner new hampshire. >> i know rand paul, i think he'll run in 2016. >> what stands between the paul dynasty and 2016? >> well, i'll tell you the first thing that stands between them, three (bleep)ing years! (laughter) that's over 50 new iphones from now. (laughter) why are we talking about this election? that brings us to yet another installment of "can't you at least wait until jon stewart comes back?" (laughter) seriously! this is my last week doing this! it's not just that the media is already ramping up their 2016 coverage, it's this some of them are already trying to wind it down. >> i pred
Aug 25, 2013 8:00am PDT
on washington, has been credited for changing mainstream america, white america's view of the civil rights movement and the fight against segregation. is this your experience? do you think that's true? >> i do believe that's true, not because of correspondents who were covering it but because of the nature of the times, the development of television, the pervasive use of television. television was just coming into most homes in the late '50s and '60s, been around before then. but there's no question that television's coverage of the civil rights movement, taking into people's living rooms what was happening, not some newspaper description or some highly censored or sanitized view, it brought the reality of the viciousness of the opposition to civil rights, particularly in the deep south, into people's living rooms. and then the eloquence and courage of dr. king and those who worked with him, such as john lewis, now a congressman, people could see and hear for themselves. television was the instrument. before television it was easy to deny how much violence there was. it was easy to overloo
Comedy Central
Aug 22, 2013 6:50pm PDT
or at least twice. of laugh nation, america is losing the battle against mary jane. this year new hampshire and illinois legalized medical marijuana bringing the to 20 the number of states where your pharmacist will soon look like this. (laughter) the dude prescribes. (laughter) and folks, the war on nugs used to have a strong ally on cnn's dr. sanjay gupta who opposed legalizing pot until now. >> i want to remind you that in 2009 you wrote a "time" magazine article entitled why i would vote no on pot. you changed your mind. >> i have. and as part of, you know, my thinking, the reason, i have apologized for some of the earlier reporting because i think, you know, we've been terribly and systemically mislead in this country for some time. and i did part of that misleading. >> stephen: wait a second, we were misinformed by a cable news doctor? (laughter) next you'll tell me i can't get directions to my cousin's house from fareed zakaria's gps. come on fareed, less on syria, more on how i get to where greg lives. (laughter) it's bad enough that is an jay gupta or as i now call him ganja soupta
Comedy Central
Aug 13, 2013 6:55pm PDT
the honor of being the only town in america where you could say "way to go, einstein" and have an old man say "dang a shane." (laughter) now, the 12th is also home to supreme court justice antonin scalia, meaning that clarence thomas insists he's from there, too. if you're in the 12th don't miss a night out with the minor league trenton thunder. they're always doing something new like the april 30 organ donation awareness night which, coincidentally, was also dollar hot dog night. (cheers and applause) and who has the jersey boys to represent such districts? why, none other than democratic congressman and physicist rush holt. i sat down with representative holt in chairs. congressman, thank you so much for talking to me today. >> good to be with you, stephen. >> stephen: tell me about the fighting 12th. >> it has ethnicities more diverse than you can imagine. you go into a public school in anywhere in that part of the state and you'll find maybe 25 different languages spoken at home. >> stephen: you're the congressman for new jersey's 12th but you are running to be the new senator from ne
Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 8:00pm EDT
almost quite obviously referred to in that interview, if america's core national interests are at stake? >> let me go to paul, who is in capitol hill, and paul, of course, many members of congress back home on recess that's why they have this conference call, have you heard anything tonight? >> well, that's right. there is mounting frustration what we are hearing. mounting bipartisan frustration, they are worried that any attack can draw the u.s. further into the syrian conflict. and they are also frustrated about the lack of an end game. about a clear policy for a way out. >> paul, do we know anything about the briefing at the white house that they had with congress? have you hear anything about that. >> they have heard there are problems with that video conference. a problem securing enough video conference lines so the conference had to be declassified on ur classified report. president obama said it wouldn't be regime change or even changes the civil war. they are trying to keep it out of the hands of terrorists. >> we know the ashad regime maintains stock piles. we have indicated o
Al Jazeera America
Aug 31, 2013 7:00am EDT
security fellow with new america foundation, thank you so much for joining us this morning. as the quest considers how to respond, disturbing new images. this is video of what is said to be a fire bomb attack near a school in the northwestern part of syria. it may have contained may palm that sticks to the skin and causes severe burns. a doctor says at least seven people were killed and dozens were injuries. al jazeera cannot independently confirm those reports. >> asaad's regime has plameed the august 21st chemical attack on rebels. on friday, the syrian government called the u.s. intelligence on the use of chemical weapons fabrication and lies. keep it here to al jazeera for continuing coverage on the crisis in syria, you can also stay up to date on our website children in unmarked graves may finally have their stories told. exhume makeses are underway in an attempt to uncover their long held secrets. beautiful weather in yosemite national park, we will tell you why that sunshine is not helping firefighters dealing with a run away wild fire burning the national treasure.
Aug 5, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. if you work 20 years in america, paid into social security, on someone else's number and you can prove it, not worth anything. .. must present a government i.d. with a photo. the employer enters this into a computer in the e-verify system and watches for the photograph to come up. if the official government photograph for that name doesn't match the one that they have in their hand, you can't be hired. so this is going to make the work place a lot tougher and any employer who hires someone who doesn't match up, they're subject to fines an penalties. and finally, i think it was hector who told the story about overstaying a visitors visa. 40% of the undocumented people in america overstayed their visas, visitors, tourists whatever they may be. we'll have a system under this law that will track people not only as they come in on visas but as they leave on visas. this is a tough enforcement bill and those who say it isn't haven't taken a look at it. when it comes to the border, i will tell you something i had to grit my teeth as they put another 700 miles of fence and billion dollars on the b
FOX News
Aug 3, 2013 11:00am PDT
when you come right down to it, the united states of america's population is not going to buy into these stories that he spins out about the violation of a constitution. christie is there to tell you buildings were burning in new york. people were jumping out of windows. we have to protect ourselves. >> and growing opposition to the surveillance the nsa. rand paul is tapping some public sentiment. not just on the left. we had a vote in congress. a republican congress from michigan sponsoring an amendment that almost gutted the nsa collection of meta data. it failed 217-205. very close. so is dorothy right about the politics? >> i really would like to think dorothy's right about this and i'd like to think chris christie is right. i worry a little bit that 9/11, all of that, is becoming a new york/new jersey/connecticut thing. those of us who experienced it that day. and it is essentially receding out perhaps in parts of the country and becoming something of a distraction. because the united states has been lucky, unlike capitals in europe, not to experience another terrorist ev
Aug 2, 2013 3:30pm PDT
and educational outreach for biz kids is provided by a coalition of america's credit unions, where people are worth more than money. a complete list of individual credit union funders is available at >> every day, america's credit unions help members with their financial needs and with programs like invest in america. it's only fitting that credit unions support biz kids because financial education is what we do. learn more at >> it's time for america's fastest growing game show! >> wheel of misfortune! >> our contestant today is mr. david jenkins! dave here is an employee with the extreme boards and sports shop. seems like you've done your share of spinning already, haven't you, dave? >> uh... >> great!
Aug 29, 2013 8:00am PDT
, of course, britain is america's biggest ally, so it's hard toss the u.s. would take an action without britain. also there's mounting pressure from members of congress. house speak john boehner sending a her to the president saying what do you want to accomplish with military action? so the momentum seems to have slowed, with the discussion behind the scene focusing on what would the legal justification be. >> we want to move on to richard engel. he's in ankara turkey. so what is the next move if the u.s. is to strike? so what is the next move if this does go forward? >> well, it really depends on if it goes forward and what exactly happens. the red cross today said it doesn't support an escalation that will only make a horrible humanitarian situation even worse. turkey absolutely wants military action to be taken against bashar al assad. he's making states like where is the world's humanity? how can they war crimes go unpunished? but his voice is not one we're hearing in unanimity. egypt has set it doesn't support, the arab league says it's not for military action. the u.n. wants to c
Al Jazeera America
Aug 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
to make a big come back. >> al jazeera america, a new voice in american journalism. introduces america tonight. >> in egypt police fired tear gas -- >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >> they risk never returning to the united states. >> we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. jazeera america. >> i'm kim bondy, growing up in news was always important. you have this great product that you are ready to share with the country. i'm a part of a team that is moving in the same direction. >>> welcome back everyone, in california a federal judge has issued a ruling to effectively put an end to the state's prison hunger strike. when the strike began nearly 30,000 prisoners refused food. and while that number has dropped dramatically, officials are worried for those still on strike. >> reporter: in prisons across california, some 130 inmates still refuse to eat. now seven laters after the hunger strike began, a federal judge has cleared the way to begin force feeding the inmates. they are protesting overcrowding, poor conditions, and the use of solitary confin
FOX News
Aug 31, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to the credible in the future interests of the united states of america and our allies. it matters, because a lot of other countries whose policy is challenged these international norms are watching. they are watching. they want to see whether the united states and our friends mean what we say. >> apparently not. defense secretary hague p spokesman george little tweeted the following. "support decision on congressional authorization for use of force in syria. agrees we cannot turn blind eye to syrian, cw, chemical weapons use, already there are indications that assad is moving around the delivery systems for those chemical weapons. he will be hiding them in civilian areas. they are mobile. it is going to make targeting very difficult in the next ten days when a decision is finally taken. >> that brings me to my next question for you, jennifer. talking about targeting become more difficult. the effectiveness of any eventual strike. how will this delay in terms of what the speng saying actually affect that? >> well, i'm told from pentagon officials it will make it more complex but is still manageab
FOX News
Aug 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
supports the nsa surveillance program. he says the program itself works in protecting america from terrorism and has what he calls a 99.99% batting average in being compliant. >> this whole tone of snooping and spying that we use i think it's horrible, it's a distortion and a smear and a slander of good patriotic americans. >> reporter: senator rand paul, by the way, says the constitutionality of the nsa program must be evaluated. steve? >> thank you very much. peter king went directly at rand paul, said basically he's lying about the program. and he's just breathless in defending it as michael hayden. where is the president? he doesn't go to pat for this. he's analyzing this and it's his program. from michael hayden he says "the washington post" publishes this story. look at the numbers. there's been 115 incidents, incorrectly entered. mistakes made. none intentional. so that's out of 61 million inquiries a compliance rate of 99.998. look beyond the numbers and the headlines. >> right. michael hayden has and i temple in the "usa today" today where he talks in an op-ed just trust u
Aug 8, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to a broad swath of america. dr. king's speech was a pointed speech, but a healing speech. dr. king's speech was an important speech, because it charted a vision. i think for the president, and for all of us that are going to participate in after the the activities, we call it a continuation, not just a commemorative series of events, for all of us and for the president i think especially it is about the future. it's about 21st century america, but it's also about a recognition of what i call sinister forces, martin, that are at play in this nation, the discussion about repealing health care, the voter suppression laws that exist, all of this in the face of a great recession in the aftermath of a great recession, when what the nation should really be about is building the kind of bridges we need to build economic prosperity for all. it's important, but it also is a chance action i think, for the president to think beyond his administration, and think beyond his term as president, to set a course which may last for decades to come. >> professor peterson, mark moriel talks about the future, bu
Aug 28, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. >> it was in the middle of battles to break down the walls of apartheid in america. >> martin luther king jr. made a speech, but he also delivered a sermon. >> my father watched from the white house as dr. king and thousands of others recommitted us to higher ideals. >> injustice is injustice everywhere. >> he gazed at the wall of segregation and saw that the power of love could bring it down. >> martin luther king jr. did not live and die to hear his heirs whine about political grid lock. >> the arc may have bent towards justice, but it doesn't bend on its own. >> for all who are willing to take the flame for justice, i know that flame remains. the tired teacher, the businessman, they are marching. >> we knew fear. the sound of the bells today. let freedom ring everywhere we go. >> 50 years ago today, martin luther king jr. dared to publicly dream that one day in alabama, little black boys and little black girls would be able to go hand in hand together with little white boys and little white girls as brothers and sisters. but he did not dare to publicly dream that one day a little black boy woul
Aug 3, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. [booing] over the next 15 months, we are going to decide what kind of america we want to have. what kind of kentucky want to have. there are only two answers to this question. barack obama's vision for america. or kentucky's. ground -- crowd does not like it. kentucky's voice is often the voice of opposition. to the obama agenda. i am proud of that. that is why every liberal in america, every liberal in america have announced they will beat us next year. know, the liberals are worried because it just as i predicted obama care is a disaster for america. [applause] i fought them every step of the way, every step of the government takeover. up to their war on coal. look, as long as i am in the senate, kentucky will have a voice. [applause] all of these liberals to come down here to push me around, they are not going to get away with it, are they? ind paul, it would fill, and -- ed whitfield, and i take the fight every single day. let me give you an example. a few months ago thomas the cannots decided that you fish below the dams below the river anymore. up the group and we got together with
FOX News
Aug 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
america was losing its pull in the middle east. today the saudis proved it because while we're debating whether to pull aid from egypt here the saudis promising them a blank check, and as we cut aid to cairo, riyadh will make up the difference. the saudis want the muslim brotherhood out of egypt just as much as the government-backed military does and they're spare nothing expense to help make it possible and this isn't just about the saudis. israel also supports the crackdown of the military, eric says when it comes to our waning influence, a very sorry state. we have very few in our neighborhood now. bottom line, eric, our friends, quasi-friends, aren't exactly heeding our friendly advice. >> basically our influence in the middle east in egypt in particular, is out the window. as you said, israel, the saudis, jordan, all telling us, please, back the egyptian military. the muslim brotherhood are the original islamic terrorist group. they spawned al qaeda, created hamas. they are inherently antiamerican. so i have to shake my head and pull my hair out, why are we backing this group? a w
Aug 15, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. america is ready to get smart on crime. joining me now is new york congressman hakeem jeffries, representing the boroughs of brooklyn and queens. he is on a congressional task force, looking at overcriminalization in america. and barbara arnwine, president of the lawyers committee for civil rights. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you, rev. >> thank you. >> congressman, let me go to you first. what is your reaction to the news that new york officials will begin appealing this stop and frisk ruling tomorrow? >> the stubborn resistance to the fact that stop and frisk program is unnecessary, unconscionable, and now has been declared unconstitutional is really unfortunate. the numbers, reverend sharpton, as you have consistently pointed out speak for themselves. stop and frisk have nothing to do with the dramatic decline in crime that actually began to take place 20 years ago during the last two years of the dinkins administration. >> that's correct. >> where 1207 and frisk wasn't utilized but a dramatic infusion of the number of police officers that were displayed and put o
Aug 26, 2013 12:00pm PDT
in the community. that's why we don't have the connection to america that we need. we need to deal with that. >> right, jobs and justice. i wanted to play one thing we heard from reverend sharpton at the march. >> when they ask us for our voter i.d., take out a photo of medgar evers, take out a photo of goodman cheney. take out a photo of viol viola louisa. they gave their lives to we could vote. look at this photo. it gives you the i.d. of who we are. >> he was so powerful. >> what was the reaction to that? >> huge reaction to the crowd to his entire speech. it was really an emotional crescendo of the event, i would say. >> yeah, people were moved. he brought the preacherly rhythms to it and reminded us of the violence and history we've gone through to get to this moment and how important it is to keep going. there's been blood that's been spilled for us to get here. >> it seemed like that was a lot of the focus, was to this next generation coming up, to continue this fight. i mean, representative john lewis called on young people to get out there, push and pull, make america what america s
Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of providing care to everything in america, not only will you not get care tomorrow, we'll take the dollars you use to get care today, and the supreme court said that was an outrageous use of federal power. seems like there's lots of examples in the history, and in our present of using the tax code to treat some people in some states differently than we do people in other state, and to use the affordable care act as a hammer, not an approach, but the stick. did you consider those things -- do you agree with my analysis of those two circumstances as they exist today, and did you consider those in the analysis that you performed? congressman, yes, we are aware of the provisions that you -- >> the stick approach opposed to the cater approach. >> as i said in the review of the legislative history, the floor debates, there's no evidence that there was any discussion of the carrot stick approach in connection with the premium tax credits. >> okay. but it is consistent with past irs practice to treat folks in some states differently than we treat folks in other states based on statute? only those with
FOX News
Aug 4, 2013 12:00pm PDT
states of america population is not going to dive into these stories that these spins out about the violation of the constitution. christie is there to tell you buildings were burning in new york, people were jumping out of windows. we have to protect ourselves. >> paul: there is growing opposition to the surveillance of the nsa, rand paul is tapping some public sentiment, not just on the left. we had a voted in congress and republican congressman in michigan that almost gutted the collection of meta data. it failed but very close. is dorothy right about the politics? >> i really would like to think that dorothy is right about this and also chris christie is right. i worry that 9/11 and all of that is becoming a new york-new jersey, connecticut thing. those that experienced that day and it's essentially receding out in part to the country to something of an distraction because the united states has been lucky, unlike capitals in europe not to experience another terrorist event. i think, unfortunately, there may be reservoir of political support that could get behind what rand pa
FOX News
Aug 18, 2013 12:00pm PDT
in voting access in america? >> what the evidence shows, paul, is that black voter tresi 1996 -- they've been increasing even in those -- even as more and more states have been passing voter i.d. laws. they're some of the strictest in the country in places like indiana and georgia and tennessee. in 2012, black voter turnout in those states exceeded white voter turnout. last year's election it exceeded white voter turnout for the first time in history snimt what magnitudes are you talking about? 2/3 of african-american voted. over 66% in 2012 and the white voter turn out is 6 4? >> it was lower. >> what is the trend? you mentioned the trend since 1996. this is all census bureau data. >> you mentioned hillary in 2016. but i think this particular part of it might have been directed at next year's elections. the midterm elections. what is going on here is that democrats are worried that without barack obama on the ballot, that black voter turnout may be down. i think this is an attempt to scare blacks to the polls by claiming that republicans are trying to -- >> so there's politics going
Aug 7, 2013 3:00am PDT
's making news. america's children are slimming down. for the first time in decades, we can say our children are not getting fatter. a study from the cdc that examined the nation's preschoolers found in 18 states, the obesity rate is actually falling. that's the good news. the bad news is the obesity rate held steady in do states. some of the states, ten states overall were examined due to the way data is collected. but a lot of people are crediting michelle obama's let's move campaign for this good news. it certainly helps keep the weight off. >> bill: she's got to get some credit for that. and just raising awareness of the problem. >> absolutely. that's the good news. >> bill: a lot of republicans are beating up on her saying this is silly. no, this is a serious problem. >> it really is. that was the good news. the bad news, of course, if you want to ruin your breakfast, taco bell is here to help. they announced they're kicking off a new breakfast item. they've been trying to kick off a breakfast menu in recent years but this latest hellish creation is the waffle taco. it is a fried waffle
FOX News
Aug 7, 2013 3:00am PDT
that he's a terrorist and that he meant to kill and he doesn't like america. >> day two of this court-martial is scheduled to start four hours from right now. >>steve: thank you very much. meanwhile let's talk a little bit about this. last night during the rush hour, it was the mother of all traffic jams around burbank in los angeles because the president of the united states for the sixth time -- there he is right there -- appearing on the jay leno show. his third time as a sitting president of the united states. for the most part, it was a softball interview, but this is kind of new. while the president of the united states was sitting in the green room, jay leno did something he's been doing a lot of these days. he took a shot at the president of the united states. watch this. >> the white house announced in the coming days president obama will be reaching out to americans who lost their jobs. in fact, that's why he's here tonight. he's here to talk to me personally -- that's right. very excited to have the president on the program tonight. it will be great talking to him on a one-
Aug 1, 2013 12:35am PDT
an amazing show tonight. oh, my gosh, she's always so fun. she's back with a new season of "america's next top model," tyra banks is here! [ cheers and applause ] she's gorgeous, she's smart and fun. and they're bringing male models. they're bringing male models to the show this season. i know. higgins, look out buddy. they watched your tape. >> steve: oh, they did? what'd she say. >> jimmy: well, they watch your videotape. first, they have to find a vcr. >> steve: right. >> jimmy: and once they find one, they're going to play your tape, your audition. >> steve: perfect. >> jimmy: good part for you. also from the sci-fi comedy "the world's end," simon pegg is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] he's a genius. i love that movie. i could have watched it for like eight hours. it's about, like, a pub crawl. you guys ever do a pub crawl? [ cheers and applause ] you start at one pub and you to go to like -- you end up going to 15 pubs and by the end, you don't remember where you went. so anyways, he reunites his buddies to go on a pub crawl, but they all have jobs. they've moved on with their l
Aug 22, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the english fought for two years alone before america dribbled onto the scene and the english did and roosevelt in the american press spun the whole story. the invasion of north africa in 1942. there was no mention of the british being involved in the american press at first. he was a very interesting relationship between the three of them. >> one of the unsung heroes in the book is one of churchill's many aides of diarist who is also sort of a figure himself. he seems as if he really got the fly on the wall version. he drew on his work quite a bit. >> he should have kept a diary and he knew it. he could've been imprisoned for quite a long time but that diary opens the window onto churchill in private life during the war and everyone uses it. it's just absolutely marvelous because colville was with the prime minister at chamberlain's funeral if you will and it inner many many nights. on his foreign journeys so colville, colville's diaries are more accurate in the sense that churchill's remembrances -- of colville wasn't there they would only have churchill's word to take for every
FOX Business
Aug 28, 2013 9:20am EDT
suggest it will be short, but america will not act alone. a resolution for action will be presented to the u.n. today. the markets are taking no chances. oil, that's reached a two-year high. gas prices will go up. fill her up. stocks are down some more after a huge loss yesterday. and gold is up again. now, this is another negative from an already weak economy. news today of another disaster for household income, but then, there's this. she's 17, she's an american, she beat a former champion. you want to see something uplifting? here she is, there it is. "varney & company" is about to begin. >> there it is. a u.s. attack on syria is imminent. sources say the attack would likely be short and limited and here is the latest developments. the u.s. ruling out a unilateral strike. we will not go it alone. our allies are already lining up. france said they will stand with us and the brits say they'll back us up once the u.n. gives approval for a strike. russia and iran adamantly opposed. russia says it would destabilize the region. iran says intervention would be a disaster for america, a
Aug 11, 2013 11:15pm EDT
with a special-interest in america's cultural war. she writes on family, feminism, homosexuality, affirmative action and campus political correctness. she helped publish a book entitled radical and chief which was exposing obama's lost years that nobody knows anything about. his new book is spreading the wealth. welcome mr. kurtz. [applause] thanks so much. it's great to be here. this is the second time i've had the privilege of addressing this group and i want to thank phyllis schlafly again for having me here. i always enjoy the defense. my topic today is obama's policy towards the suburbs. it's a remarkable issue and it doesn't get covered by the media. it's something people should know about. i'm going to get to that in the second but i cannot resist because i have an audience of college kids taking two or three minutes at the beginning to let you know of another focus of my work. let me see a show of p.m. both hands. how many of you have heard the campus movement? you are probably going to hear about it next year if you haven't heard about it already. this is a movement where students ar
Aug 4, 2013 6:30pm EDT
and a sound currency, you have a huge middle class. america was always known to have the biggest middle class ever, and the wealthiest middle class ever. but not anymore. look at statistics on unemployment. 100 million people receiving .ome type of food assistance inflation is still with us. i would say that the results have been very poor. we are in a situation where we are not producing either. we create a situation where we don't produce our -- our greatest exporter are our dollars. you will have to do something. you will have to decide -- if you get a little bit confused on what we should do, when, and how , you can start by saying, you know what would be a good start? why don't we start right now, never send anybody to washington unless you really believe they will obey the constitution? [applause] that's pretty radical. if they are needing change, that's the kind of change we want. we have to change attitudes, too. we have to change attitudes about this authority government has assumed. the executive branch is probably most guilty. they assume so much power they don't really have. but w
FOX News
Aug 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
. it turns out the british are not coming, but france may be back in. america is ready to go it alone either way. we're talking of course about the intended -- apparently intended attack on syria. white house officials saying off the record it could come at any time, most likely after saturday when the final u.n. inspectors leave that country. but the president not getting the coalition he sought. overnight the british parliament turned down prime minister david cameron's request to back the u.s. in that effort. >>anna: you see the cover of the daily news, the british aren't coming, the british aren't coming, saying the president is looking more like the lone ranger than paul revere. parliament coming out a vote not to go a 0 long with the -- not to go along with the unilateral attack against bashar assad. what do you think, brian? >>brian: you've got to get a bigger coalition; they were on president bush. you need more partners. the coalition always included tony blair and the british. david cameron doesn't have the votes and saying i'm not going to go further. this is embarrassing after ne
Aug 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
to the ea complete. there are on the national mall our president whose story reflects the promise of america will help us honor the man who inspired millions to redeem that promise. president bush refers to the promise of america that is reflected in president obama. when we think about that, how significant does that weigh on this presidency that basically barack obama really personifies, comes to life as the dream of mlk? >> good for george w. bush. i thought it was a nice statement. i'm not going to question that. but to say this. at least back in 1939 when marion anderson had to sing here, "my country 'tis of thee" rather than the constitution hall they said the reason because she was black. at least they were honest back then. today in american politics you have donald trump who hangs around with mitt romney talking about the president being an illegal immigrant. you have people talking about nullification of the law of the land. you got people talking impeachment like coburn and ted cruz out there. they never say their problem with obama is that he is black but look at the pattern. the
Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 7:00am EDT
to do with not only international norms, but also america's core self interests. >> again, the president has not made a decision yet on what the administration will do. the decision, though, could come within days. we are in washington. paul, let's talk about the pushback from congress. let's go straight, paul, can you hear me? >> i can. i can. the pushback that the president is getting from congress is they really want a clear explanation of how military action fits into a pole and how that policy and use of force will be legally justified. more than 100 congressional house members have sent a letter to obama demanding that he seek congressional authorization for any military action against syria. >> so, paul, does the administration have any contingency plans, should assad choose to retaliate? >> contingency plans, there are reports that he will be -- that president obama will be holding a briefing with members today with congressional house members on contingency plans, but as far as specifics, i don't think we know that just yet. >> ok, thank you, paul, we'll be checking in with you
FOX Business
Aug 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
and room and bo. >> you might, but a lot would have to go to private institutions, to go to bank of america who could jack up the price or interests a lot higher than government, that creates another problem. neil: you do see that -- you keep feeding the beast. >> you put a ceiling on what government can give you is fine, but have to go to private lenders. i would have had to go to bank of america for example or whatever it was. you know because i'm ancient, they did not exist. neil: then i am -- scotty, we have to do something we can recognize risk of those who need the aid not getting aid, but bigger risk no one gets aid because it will be priced out. >> not like the republicans are against education, but what is the real hype crease, barack obama is champions students supposedly, he will make $50 billion in profit off of the interest from the loans, is he doing this in best interest of students, if we gave government grants to make it equal to have status quo is fine, but this administration is using it to make a profit to make up for other losses. >> you are suggests that other presiden
Aug 1, 2013 3:00am PDT
alone america. obama, call him a liberal or what you want but he was not on the fringe. he was down the plate of the democratic party. you have guys who are both not ready and also taking really wacko bird positions to -- >> at the same time, a lot of that has to do with the fact where you live and what your views are. there are a lot of people in middle america that don't see ted cruz or rand paul or marco rubio out of the mainstream. a lot of people. as many people don't think they are, as people don't think barack obama is. i mean barack obama -- >> they're not even in the mainstream of the republican party. barack obama was in the mainstream of the democratic party. he may have been inexperienced. >> when these guys came in 2010 they are in the mainstream of the republican party. look at the fact that in 2010 it's not like there were a couple people that snuck. >> office. republicans won the largest legislative landslide on the state and national level i think probably in the 20 -- in a century. it was a remarkable victory for them. the problem that some of them don't understand
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